What we do

Homeowners often think to carry out the property management by a neighbor or relative, this is a big mistake.

The normal distance between tenant and landlord ensures less problems, the less you know from each other, the better.

Below a short list of the most common tasks as property manager.

  • making a monthly billing statement and sending it to the tenant.
  • checking rent payments and any follow-up when needed.
  • check-in and check-out inspections (before, during and after).
  • intermediary between tenant and landlord for questions. Intermediary for incoming questions / faults.
  • the handling of faults and minor technical emergencies (this of course in consultation with the owner).
  • assistance service when technicians, plumbers and handymen need to do their work at your property.
  • If desired, to do a inspection during the rental period.
  • assistance by the cleaning before, during and / or after the rental period, in cooperation with professional cleaning company.
  • on request of owner a yearly rent correction by using the indexing of the figures from tge CBS.